Metaphors of Internet: Tool, Place, Way of Being (the 2003 version)

Annette Markham

Dec 29, 2013


This is an unpublished article I wrote in 2003. I am currently revising it to update it, but actually, I have realized that the baseline concepts and overall framework are still quite useful.  I’d be interested in how others might apply this framework to think about how people frame their experiences with digital technologies and media.  For example, my colleague Anja Nylund Hagen at University of Oslo is using (and adapting) this framework in some interesting ways.

Anyway, here’s a link to the unpublished (but paginated) print version of the paper here.  It should be cited as an unpublished manuscript or a conference paper.

Markham, A. 2003. Metaphors reflecting and shaping the reality of the Internet: Tool, place, way of being. Paper presented at the conference of the International Association of Internet Researchers in Toronto, Canada, October 2003.  Available from: