“never use the word ‘data’!”

Ah, the 1980s. When we were being trained to remove “data” from our lexicon in interpretive sociology. I’m wondering if this would be a good article..

(Un)making data PhD course

In this course, professors Markham and Ellingson revive the autoethnographic focus on the researcher’s role in the process of making data.

Netflix, imagined affordances, and the illusion of control

Netflix is not simply a mediator of the experience on its platform, but a mediator of the experience of the self. Read our forthcoming article on Netflix, imagined affordances, and the illusion of control

Snowflakes, Crystals, Fractals

In this workshop, we’ll discuss some creative nonlinear (crystalline) ways scholars have (and can) get out of the linear writing habit. Join us Feb 14, 2019

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Annette Markham


Annette Markham is Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark & Affiliate Professor of Digital Ethics in the School of Communication at Loyola University, Chicago. She researches identity, relationships, and cultural formations in digitally saturated socio-technical contexts. Also well known for her work on innovative methodologies and ethics for digital research.  Full Curriculum Vitae here.