Bricolage: A keyword in remix studies

Remix and bricolage are often used synonymously. In this keyword entry for the forthcoming edited collection, Keywords in Remix Studies, I provide a selective history of ‘bricolage’ as used to describe various post-X approaches in the social and humanistic sciences. Not only is bricolage an epistemology, an action, and a product, it is an approach built for political resistance.

Rethinking methods in challenging times: The Skagen Conference 2016

We still have five seats available for the upcoming PhD course on “Rethinking methods in challenging times: The Skagen Conference 2016.” November 21-25, 2016 in Skagen, Denmark. Join us for a week of intensive writing, walking on the Danish Coastline, and exploring transgressive methods for studying social life in the 21st Century

Of methods and mindset, or toward a theory of impact

I’m working on building my vocabulary for why and how it matters that we reflect on our mindset, our methods, and most importantly, our reason for doing social research in the first place. This exercise/essay is part of a larger set of writing projects.

Emotional Labor, Relational Labor, & Visual Labor

Join Nancy Baym, Annette Markham, and Kat Tiidenberg for a special PhD course Oct 11-14, 2016 in Aarhus. The course introduces contemporary concepts for studying how self, identity, and situations are negotiated through interactive processes involving visuality, relationality, and emotionality. read more

OKCupid data release fiasco: It’s time to rethink ethics education

The mid-2016 case of the OKCupid data release provides an opportunity for educators to revisit pedagogical approaches and to confront data ethics problems head on. It’s a call to rethink and revise outdated and generalized top down requirements, forms with checklists, and standardized (and therefore seemingly irrelevant) training and to shift to more proactive models for research integrity. read more

Doing fun things with (potentially) boring topics

“Theme Week” is a model at Aarhus University Digital Living Program to connect Masters students directly with cutting edge international researchers in the classroom. In spring 2016, we are joined by Kevin Driscoll and Lana Swartz, two researchers from Microsoft Research Lab’s Social Media Collective. They'll offer a week-long workshop about the unnoticed infrastructures that guide and undergird our everyday digital lives. read more
Annette Markham


Annette Markham is Professor of Information Studies at Aarhus University, Denmark & Affiliate Professor of Digital Ethics in the School of Communication at Loyola University, Chicago. She researches how identity, relationships, and cultural formations are constructed in and influenced by digitally saturated socio-technical contexts.